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    The modular system for reliable protection of plant equipment:
    X-TRACT (debris removal) + X-CUT (cutter) = X-UNIT

    The WANGEN X-UNIT consists of the two modules X-TRACT and X-CUT. Both components are available separately and are optimally co-ordinated with each other as an X-UNIT.

    Increased process safety through removal of system-harmful foreign bodies and debris with the aid of the foreign body separator X-TRACT and the cutting unit X-CUT. Optimum adaptation of the cutting unit to the medium easily possible.

    Benefits and Characteristics

    • process-optimised adaption of the pumped media by simple change of the screen geometrie
    • flow-optimised catch container
    • foreign body removal through wheelbarrow possible with mounting stand
    • additional rinse connections available
    • no movable component parts necessary for separation of foreign bodies
    • Optimum adaption of the cutting unit to the media
    • High operational reliability
    • Standard flange and compact, space-efficient construction design



    Fields of Application

    The WANGEN X-UNIT is employed in every case where foreign bodies and debris from pumped media must be separated out and cutted:

    • Biogas plants
    • Biowaste utilisation
    • Stable application in agricultural technology
    • Liquid manure technology vehicle construction
    • Municipal waste water treatment plants

    Suitable for the following media

    • bilge water
    • fish offal
    • industrial wastewater
    • paperpulp
    • bovine manure
    • liquid manure
    • Vegetable waste and food residues
    • raw water
    • fermenter digestate
    • Cleaning and washing water from agricultural processes
    • organic recirculates
    • secondary fibers
    • food waste
    • Media with entanglement/clogging tendancy


    • Modular design for high flexibility
    • Flow-optimised catch container
    • Material: Galvanised mild steel (further materials on request)
    • Very robust design