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    Wangen BIO-MIX / BIO-FEED

    Wangen BIO-MIX pumper har i mange år vært integrert i energi produksjon og har derfor hatt en kontinuerlig utvikling og optimalisering.

    Ved å tilsette væske i pumpehuset så kan følgende vanskelige medier pumpes: mais/gras – silo, GPS, fast husdyrgjødsel (også fjørfe) og gjærstoffer.


    Our robust Wangen BIO-FEED pump is a complete “all-rounder” for numerous industrial applications.

    Pump liquids or high viscosity media up to 15% TS with the same pump – a truly economical pump solution.


    Total Flexibility:

    The pump has one DN400 and four DN 150 nozzles for great flexibility.

    Easy to integrate the pump into an existing plant. Introduce up to 5 media at the same time into the pump housing!

    Use this innovative pump to replace several other existing pumps. The extra nozzles can also be used for cleaning the pump housing.


    Nozzle position:

    The standard pump has the DN400 suction nozzle facing upwards. You can also have it supplied with the nozzle to other positions.



    All viscous media with a particle size up to 23 mm can be fed into the BIO-FEED pump using a screw conveyer.

    The Bio-Feed can also be used as a stand-alone suction pump for liquid media.


    Cardan Joint with integrated milling screw:

    Has a specially designed milling screw that ensures excellent mixing of conveyer screw-added viscous media with liquid media in the pump housing.


    X-Lift version:

    For areas of limited space the discharge nozzle is designed with our innovative X-Lift technology for full maintenance in place.

    There is a large time saving as there is no need to remove discharge pipe.